ScooterSnacks are made fresh in Brooklyn everyday by the Treat Lady, Michelle Lewis.

What are Scooter Snacks?

Tons of chicken liver, stone ground wheat flour and absolutely no preservatives make for a super healthy treat.

More importantly, their crunchy exterior with a soft inside drives dogs nuts. Check out our Instagram for proof.

For training or rewarding or just because you love your dog, treat her to ScooterSnacks.

How to serve ScooterSnacks

ScooterSnacks are fresh so you need to store them properly. If you use all 32 in one week, just keep them in a breathable container in the fridge. You can also freeze them in a Tupperware. They’re still delicious and last a little longer. Questions about storage?


The freshest ingredients for your pup

ScooterSnacks are filled with huge chunks of chicken liver, kept chewy with chicken broth and wrapped in a wholesome whole wheat dough. No preservatives, of course.

Carry ScooterSnacks in your cafe

Coffee shops close to dog parks are ideal partners for ScooterSnacks. Currently 5000-6000 snacks per month are sold at one small coffee shop in Ft. Greene. The snacks bring coffee-drinking dog people to your cafe. Please contact for more info.

Order ScooterSnacks

Place your order by email or text.

32 ScooterSnacks equals 2 pounds of healthy, ingratiating treats for $20.

Pick-up in Fort Greene

Fort Greene Park off leash people can text 718-974-0653 or email me to order a bag. I’ll meet you in the park for the “hand-off.”

Need to get in touch? Give us a bark: